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I create sculptures that invite connection physically through touch - metaphorically or directly - and often explore the juxtaposition of an ancient art form with modern technology or other mediums. Whether it is a wearable piece with a dolphin cresting through a wave, a series of cabinet pulls, a “pose-able” girl in bronze that can sit on the counter and play with a cardboard box, or a wall plaque comprised of mariners tattoos, everything comes back to the intrinsic need for physical skin-to-skin contact.

My two preferred mediums are Lost Wax Casting and Cuttlebone Casting.

Lost wax casting with bronze allows the smallest details to come through from the initial sculpture in wax, to the final metal product. The finest details, even fingerprints, can be replicated. When a collector holds a finished sculpture, they are holding hands with the artist.

Cuttlebone casting, more effective with metals like silver, produces a texture that begs to be touched. Using the texture of the cuttlebone to enhance the sculpture (or the sculpture to enhance the texture) is an art in and of itself. Cuttlebone cast pieces are fun to wear, to hold, and to look at.

As we interact with metal over time, it grows warm, becomes smooth, and develops a rich patina. My works inspire this contact and benefit because of it.

Playfulness spills over from my whimsical sculpture pieces to other areas of my creative life as well. When I am not sculpting, I am writing and illustrating children’s books!

The Artist: About Our Store


Lead Artist

Born in Houston, Texas, Jennifer has seen many parts of the world - first with her parents, and later, with her husband. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego, and an MBA and a husband from Rice University’s Jones School of Business. She never thought “creativity” would be her path in life, but after her daughter, Hayden, was born, she decided that business was not in fact her passion and began to follow more artistic pursuits (no one else around her was surprised by this revelation). When she is not sculpting, she is writing and illustrating children’s books.



Supporting Artist

Hayden is an outgoing, engaging little girl who loves riding roller-coasters, listening to and telling stories, and making her own art. She is most interested in Mixed Media environments and will probably be showing a few works here and there in the years to come.  She also loves giving back - $5 from the sale of each pair of earrings will go to the Marine Education, Research, and Rehabilitation (MERR) Institute. Porpoisefully Pretty!



Business Operations

Geoff is an amazing husband, an endlessly energetic entrepreneur and an excellent chef. He is a fantastic businessman and salesman lending his talents to bring balance to the group. Having served as an executive officer of a couple of other companies, he is “volunteering” as CFO, CIO, COO, Head of Marketing, IT and Facilities... and cheerleader for our little crew.

The Artist: Our Team
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