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2024 Artisan Jewelry Trunk Show

Bringing incredible jewelry and talent from across the Mid-Atlantic region to Lewes this February!

14 Fine-Art Jewelers | Free Parking | No Entry Fee

The  Clubhouse at The Villages of Five Points

17339 North Village Main Blvd | Lewes, DE 19958

Click on the names below for more information about each artist.

Facets Artisan Jewelry


Carol's designs are skillfully handcrafted using only ethically sourced stones, genuine sea glass, and Swarovski crystals. Forged from precious metals, every piece is a one-of-a-kind creation inspired by the Coast. Carol is passionate about her jewelry and it shows in every piece she creates.

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Shiny Objects by Michele


Handmade jewelry with unusual stones, fossils & shells using traditional metalsmith & lapidary methods.  

"My goal is to elevate rare stones & fossils into one-of-a-kind accessory art that sparks curiosity in the earth’s exotic treasures."


HKM Jewelry


Hali MacLaren has been a collector ever since she was a young girl. Shells, stones, fossils and sea glass line the shelves in her studio. Naturally, she incorporates them into her recycled silver pieces as cast replicas or unique stone settings.  Her line, HKM Jewelry is a brand of heirlooms for ocean lovers who strive to protect our seas. A portion of HKM’s yearly profits is donated to various ocean conservation groups on the east coast.

BSL Silver and Stone

Barb Land is a Middletown, DE metalsmith who creates one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces intended to connect to one’s spirit.  “I begin each piece with silver sheet and/or wire and allow the stone to guide my work with the use of saws, hammers, solder and various bench tools.  My experiences in nature, mountains, and beach with family and friends are a big influence on my work, and my hope is that the wearer of my jewelry will carry shared memories with them always.”

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Virgin Seaglass

Mary Louise Lauffer creates unique jewelry with precious metals, seaglass, and gemstones. A life-long beachcomber, she particularly enjoys designing settings for her beach finds, inspired by the beauty of nature.

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J'Adorn Designs

Alison Jefferies is a Baltimore jewelry artisan who has been making handcrafted custom jewelry and heirloom quality headpieces since 2012. She is inspired by botanical forms, which feature prominently in her work from cast natural objects and wax sculptures to more interpreted elements expressed through fabricated and intricately wire-wrapped pieces. Much of her work features colorful gemstones, which she incorporates via cast-in-place, traditional stone setting, and beadwork. Her latest body of work focuses on gender inclusive design and wearability for bodies of different abilities.


Richelle Leigh Collection

"My jewelry is created by using the lost wax casting process. All designs are original and created in hand with wax. I then cast them into precious metal. Followed by a series of metalsmithing techniques. The entire process is done in-studio."

Lara Ginzburg ~ Designed to be different


Lara is Metalsmith-enamellist artist and very passionate about all forms of enameling. Her work, including articles she has written on jewelry making, appears in numerous publications and is exhibited nationally in galleries and art shows. She is opening her studio for students to learn as well as having online classes.

Mermaid and octopus tentacles. Under the sea necklace.JPG
IMG_6207 2.jpeg

Starland By Hand

"As an enamel-obsessed jewelry artist, I use layering of color and patterns to make beautiful, contemporary and wearable works of art on copper and silver. My desire is to create pieces that are modern, affordable and approachable - jewelry that is easy to wear, comfortable and appealing with solid design techniques and attention to craftsmanship."

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"I create elegant crystal jewelry to wear with day or evening wear. Come see my latest sparkles to bring a smile to yourself or that special someone in your life."


Beach Stone Jewelry by GVG

Artisan Gail Gingrich has been daydreaming about and designing jewelry projects over a number of years. After a career in another field she finally reached her life’s goal in the realm of creativity. On a daydreaming beach walk one day, she noticed the ancient and colorful bay beach stones that were to become her inspiration for many of her designs.

Turtle Moon Designs

"I have been a jewelry maker for over 20 years. I  use a wide variety of techniques and materials including silversmithing, enameling, cold connections, PMC, beading and whatever else I can get my hands on. 

This work brings me so much joy!"

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Bronze Anchor Studios

Jenn specializes in jewelry, small sculpture, and fine metalwork. She explores the relationship between metals and touch - her small sculptures invite interaction, and the jewelry that she creates is multi-sided and dimensional.


"Welcome to Gemstones.International, where every hue tells a story. Dive into our kaleidoscopic world, far beyond the ordinary, where each gem—be it the fiery rubies, serene sapphires, or enigmatic emeralds—whispers tales of ancient earth and starry skies. Here, diamonds don't rule; colors do. Discover your color, find your story."

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